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USDA Approved: Center for Semen Collection and Processing Center (CSCP) - #16AZ002-EQS

The Farm

santolina chamaecyparissusThe word “Santolina” came from a plant’s name that is much like the Rosemary herb, a dark green plant with yellow flowers, that is common in Arizona. The Santolina herb, also known as “Lavender Cotton” is similar to Rosemary, less common and having a smaller blue gray leaf size with a light yellow flower that appears 4 or 5 times a year. Santolina has a spectacular look as a flowering arid plant when in bloom. Knowing that Jack wanted a horse business that was a bit different, “ a special Nitch in the business” with a soft twist of his favorite color blue. He thought the name Santolina would be an appropriate name for the new venture that started back in the late 1970’s just off Bell Road, west of Lasma Arabians. It was a great name for the new farm on the block, being something different that people would remember. So, over 200 Santolina plants were planted in and around the house and barn that was built in the mid 1970’s on Bell Road. The ranch Santolina Farm had arrived with a splash of color.

Business was great with the Azraff son “Dior” siring winning offspring and putting Santolina in the horse breeding business while Jack also worked his real job in the medical laboratory industry for 15 years. To make a long history shorter; the developers moved in and the rabbits finally ate all the Santolina plants, leaving no choice except to sell and move north to the North Scottsdale / Cave Creek – Carefree area. Santolina went from 3.5 Ac to a 20 Ac ranch having all the things you need to grow the business specializing in breeding, rehabilitation and swim conditioning. In 1983 Santolina moved into the new facility that maintains an average of 100 horses up to 140 during the breeding season. Good Business, however the builders eventually moved in again after 33 years. Wow, time flies when you are having fun!

Ria AfireIn 2015, we built Jack’s dream come true breeding lab / facility plus all the special barn needs for Kim’s training horses. Now on 10 ac, concentrating on breeding English horses and doing all the Assisted Reproductive Techniques – ART, at our new Santolina.

Today at Santolina, Kim (pictured right with her Country English horse, Ria Afire. A full sibling to Rumina Afire) will be attending to the 20 or so Arabian horses owned by the Farmers and Jack in the office / breeding lab area working on some special projects of his. The farm is a buzz caring for all breeds of horses. Employees would be swimming horses and turning out mares and foals, while another trainer is previewing a horse in the front showing area.

The Farm has been carefully laid out allowing several activities to occur all at the same time without crowding anyone. Our farm concept works well and we all work together as a team. Both Kim and Jack are very involved, over lapping each other’s activities in harmony. Kim is the Stallion handler for the breeding business and trainer/manager of their horses.

Jack enjoys working in the breeding laboratory, foaling mares and generally looks over the office business / ranch management, also shared with Kim. We have a consistent commitment for providing a quality service.

 Jack in Embryo Lab Station