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Swimming Rehabilitation

Horse Swimming

Equine Swimming Rehabilitation was started at Santolina with a tragic injury to the stallion “Dior” and a friendly neighbor, Del Camino Arabians - the Clay Family, who had an equine swimming pool. Dior was Jack’s first swim rehabilitation horse who recovered and went on another 27 years of swimming healthy life.

Swim Rehabilitation is possibly the best recovery therapy program there is for your horse. It is an excellent method of helping the healing process without stress to the bones and joints while stretching the tendons and muscles. We know it make the horses feel better and recover better. All joint surgeries including OCD, bowed tendons, contracted tendons, sore backs, strained stifles, stem cell injections and low health status, greatly benefit with swim exercise.

Just look at someone who swims on a regular basis. They are generally very fit and in good health. We should do the same for our horses in need. Santolina has been swimming horses since 1978 for recovery therapy, health conditioning, performance/sale conditioning with riding and accepts referrals from hospitals, veterinarians and trainers. Most of the Swim Rehabilitation horses come from Arizona with some out of state as far away as Idaho.