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Barren Mare Pregnancy Program

Barren mares can produce foals. A 23 year old barren, maiden mare, had a frozen ET foal March-2006.

 Eyce  Eyce

The embryo transfer foal "Eyce" was foaled 3-30-2006, conceived from an absolutely barren mare, 23 years old, unable to ever maintain any previous pregnancies beyond 20 days. An embryo flush was accomplished in September so embryo was frozen to later thaw and transfer in Springtime.

Jack Rick & Eyce 8505

Barren mares can have foals via Embryo Flush or Oocyte/ICS I.
Do you own a mare of significant blood lines that has produced significant horses, that has not been able to get pregnant or produce embryos for over 3 years?

Please call me. We can do the extremes.

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