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USDA Approved: Center for Semen Collection and Processing Center (CSCP) - #16AZ002-EQS

Embryo Transfer

6 day Embryo 300 um 

6 day Embryo 300 um

 7 day Embryo 750 um

7 day Embryo 750 um

 8 day Embryo 700 um

8 day Embryo 700 um

 Fully expanded 8 day Embryo 700+ um

Fully expanded 8 day Embryo 700+ um

6 Day Dehyrated Embryo

6 Day Embryo - 250 Microns

Photo of above 6 day embryo dehydrated and ready to freeze.


7 day Embryo


8 Day Embryo


Equine Sperm


The following 5 photos are all of the same frozen embryo transfered April 2005


Transfered frozen embryo at 18 days old

Transplanted embryo at 14 days old

Embryo at 100% re-hydration

Embryo at 50% re-hydration

6 Day Embryo thawed


Additional Embryo Photos:

6 Day Embryo

7+ Day Embryo

7 Day Embryo

7 Day Embryo

7 Day Embryo


8+ Day Embryo


Santolina has been involved with embryo transfers since the mid 1990’s and we started our own Santolina Embryo Transfer program in 2005.

We offer several ways to accomplish your goals of having a pregnant ET recipient mare either on site or shipping embryo to your embryo receiving location. Embryo Flushing, Transfer and Freezing for Storage is another exciting program at Santolina, especially when dealing with the older, more difficult mares.

Jack refers to them as “his project mares”. We go the distance to have the equipment and facility to provide our best efforts in getting embryos for transplant or freezing.

The challenge can be high with overwhelming rewards, seeing a foal born from extreme efforts.

This is a 8 day embryo being picked
up with glass pipette


Olympus 2

Olympus SZ 12 High Contrast Zoom microscope with DP 12 Olympus Camera & Video T.V. for embryo searching, embryo measuring, photographing and DVD recording.