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USDA Approved: Center for Semen Collection and Processing Center (CSCP) - #16AZ002-EQS

Cryogenic Services: Embryo Freezing


Frozen Embryo Tank with several embryos in storageEmbryo freezing is so new that it is hard to explain the technical aspects and tricks of the trade that we have learned. We continue to use our slow freeze method having good results. We do not do the Vitrification procedure. Seeing our repeatable results is believing.

Our Embryo Freeze Program started in the fall of 2004, flushing and freezing several embryos for storage. One Arabian frozen embryo was thawed and successfully transplanted April 2005.

September 2004 this flushed embryo was frozen, then transplanted April 11, 2005 and foaled March 2006, having a normal pregnancy, confirmed by ultrasounds and blood testing. Ultrasound photo is of his Arabian ear about 2 inches long.

Being the first ever frozen foal to be registered, he was appropriately named “Eyce” KL, now in Colorado with his owner. Since Eyce, there have been others, Embryos sold directly out of our frozen embryo Tank.


Thawed Embryo in 50 freeze
6 day dehydrated Embryo just
after thawing. Frozen for 8 months

Embryo at rehydration
Embryo at 100% re-hydration


Betsy - Recipent mare 9-17-05
"Ear" of Frozen Embryo Foal at Five Months (
Kaborrs Love x Psytanium)

This embryo (pictured above) was conceived with “frozen semen” frozen at Santolina, from the Arabian stallion Psytanium – U.S. National Champion yearling , embryo flushed out of a 21 year old donor mare named Kaborrs Love, ( who was the last daughter of U.S. Nationals & Canadian Halter Mare – Alove-Note by *Bask out of Alpine Wind Song ); that had never been able to carry any pregnancies beyond 28 days. This mare had been absolutely Barren for years prior to Embryo flush.

This was something extremely exciting plus was the first frozen embryo registered foal for the Arabian Horse Registry! Rules had to be changed to allow Arabian and Quarter horses frozen embryo registrations.

First Frozen Embryo Foal :
Eyce at one week old - foaled 3-30-06 from 2004 embryo.

Ice at one week old

Eyce with Jack Farmer

Eyce with Jack Farmer


First Arabian ever registered from a frozen embryo.

Jack with Eyce at 10 months old

Eyce & Jack 8531