Stallion Breeding Service – On Site Collection for Mare AI and Ship Semen.

Over the years we have learned that Stallions generally do better if they are kept in their training / barn environment and transported to Santolina for breeding services. The Stallions quickly learn when they come to Santolina, they can be the big stud on the block here and jump the breeding phantom, all enclosed with the doors shut for their privacy. One on One! They also learn they must continue to behave themselves when at home or in the show arena. This conditioning learning is easy for them since totally different activities happen at different locations, with different handlers. Trainers seem to prefer this routine with Santolina giving a day or two’s notice of when the stallion will be needed, if not already on a standing scheduled. We operate on a schedule with a plan acceptable to everyone and allow for emergencies. Most of the stallions we deal with can arrive at the farm, get collected and be out the drive heading home within 20 minutes. One busy breeding day, we collected eleven studs in 4 hours. Some stallions are so conditioned to being collected here; it takes all of 5 to 7 minutes without any tease mares. This group of seasoned stallions are so fast we barely have time to chat with the hauler. We have also learned that this procedure is the safest way for horses and handlers. Santolina does not do live cover. The stallion gets collected and leaves while Santolina processes the semen as needed. For those of you having a busy show season or whatever, having stored frozen semen allows us to continue breeding mares no matter what happens. Frozen Semen is a great way to protect your interests and future.

For those stallions that live at Santolina we teach them a routine for breeding room activities and a different routine for daily exercise. Most Stallions swim as part of their exercise routine as part of stallion maintenance. See breeding fees and services.

Our Stallion Handling Fee is a one time charge collection/semen fee, per mare, per breeding season, for contracted stallions, with a 4 mare minimum per year. The “Handling Fee” includes all stallion collections for breeding the mare regardless of the number of times the stallion must be collected for semen shipment or on site breeding. It is also the same for frozen semen mare breeding. By charging a one time handling fee, (that includes all collections or semen fee), a stallion owners cost of breeding mares is limited. Contracted Stallions that are having the “remaining / left over” semen collected processed for frozen semen banking, will not be charged the standard collection fee. Most stallions are being collected to breed one or two mares with the remaining semen discarded. We recommend that if the remaining volume is more than 7 billion, that the semen be shipped to Santolina for Freezing, constantly building your semen bank. This is the most economical way to build a semen bank with little effort.

See Stallion Standing Agreement and fees. Click here to see requirements of contracted stallions.

Stallion Owners may also want to apply for standing your stallion at Santolina, breeding with frozen semen. See Stallions of Santolina.

Mare Breeding service - On Site or Received (shipped) Semen and foaling observation.

Dr. Sheri Drake DVM examining a mare for breeding.

About half of the mares bred at Santolina are bred with what we call ‘Received” Cooled Shipped Semen. Generally the mare owner comes to us for counseling on stallion selection or has made a breeding contract with a stallion owner. Arrangements are then made to deliver the mare to us for breeding. As part of the client care philosophy, Santolina charges a >> flat $ Handling Fee << for the breeding year, rather than charging per heat cycle. We believe it is in everyone's best interests to get your mare pregnant as soon as possible which should also save on the vet bills. It is what you want. By charging a one time handling fee for teasing mare, coordination of semen shipment and assisting the vet, we can lock in your handling fee costs to Santolina for the pregnancy. The faster we get your horse pregnant and back to you, the more profitable it is for Santolina and less expense for you the owner. IF you have a problem breeding mare this will surely save you money. Santolina specializes in the problem mare breeding and has a high success pregnancy rate.
(See complete listing of fees for mare breeding on our Breeding fees page by clicking here).

Embryo Transfer

This is a 8 day embryo being picked up with glass pipette

Santolina has been involved with embryo transfers since the mid 1990’s and started our own Santolina Embryo Transfer program in 2005. We offer several ways to accomplish your goals of having a pregnant ET recipient mare either on site or shipping embryo to your embryo receiving location. Embryo Flushing, Transfer and freezing for storage is another exciting new program at Santolina, especially when dealing with the older, more difficult mares. Jack refers to them as “his project mares”. We go the distance to have the equipment and facility to provide our best efforts in getting embryos for transplant or freezing. The challenge can be high with rewards overwhelming, seeing a foal born from extreme efforts.

Click here for Embryo Transfer Program fees




Olympus SZ 12 High Contrast zoom microscope with DP 12 Olympus Camera & Video T.V. for embryo searching, embryo measuring, photographing and DVD recording.







Olympus SZ11 bright field / dark field zoom microscope with DP 12 Olympus Camera for embryo searching, embryo measuring and photographing.

To view our photos of embryos click here




Barren Mare Pregnancy Program – under construction and to be announced.

  • Barren Mares can produce foals. 23 yr old barren, maiden mare, having ET foal 3-2006.

The embryo transfer foal "Eyce" was foaled 3-30-2006, conceived from an absolutely barren mare, 22 years old, unable to ever maintain any previous pregnancies.

Eyce in training with Rick and Melonie Love at Palmira Arabians

  • Barren mares can have foals.
  • Do you own a mare of significant blood lines, that has produced significant horses, that has not been able to get pregnant or produce embryos for over 3 years? We can do the extremes.
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